At The Makeup Workshop yes we are about all things Makeup, Education and having fun! But with that comes my passion for Greenery! and additional items that make the studio so special for you all! 

Below you can shop, browse and enjoy a range curated from myself based on what I currently have in the studio for everyone to enjoy. Everyday I am questioned on where I get my high quality artificial plants from as I have artificial natural daylight I sadly can't grow anything for real. It is no secret that I love all things quirky, on trend and that make myself and others happy in the presence of it. So with that, I introduce to you all a range of The Makeup Workshop Interiors hand picked by me that are all shapes, sizes, textures, colours suitable for everybody. Much of my spare time is spent wandering nursery gift shops for inspiration and suppliers across Melbourne after being introduced to my love and eye for pretty things from my Mum. I am very proud of my space and hope this inspires you to get creative with your own space no matter the size. Most things available I buy one for myself and one for you! I do not hold much of each item and each item is different from the next in its own special way.

I source all artificial arrangements/ plants from Suppliers in Australia :)

All items are available to purchase online unless stated otherwise. If you live out of state and would like to purchase one of our large arrangements, please contact us to organise delivery to its new home. Additional options available upon appointment and agreement with the team. For salon Enquiries for Wholesale quantities and prices please contact

We look forward to seeing you soon, 

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