'LIGHT' Ultra Luxe - Medium 10mm


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MODELROCK's 'LIGHT' ULTRA LUXE Individual Lashes take lash customisation to the next level.

Our 'LIGHT' ULTRA LUXE Individual Lashes have been made from the finest grade synthetic silk materials and is on trend to give your eyes that world class luxury lash look that celebrities and lash fashionistas demand!

'LIGHT' ULTRA LUXE Individials are C-Curl on a 10D cluster seemless base.

They have been designed with a seemless lash base that will give the most natural appearance to the eyes with an effortless application process - create the 'lightest' and most beautiful 'Super Natural' lash look that is ultra-light and wispy.

6 x rows of Medium 10mm

LOVED by Makeup artists across the Globe MODELROCK's Original ULTRA LUXE individual lashes have set a trend in Professional lash customisation since our custom designing of them in 2013.

**Adhesive NOT included - Adhesive Can be purchased separately**

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