Stockholm Eye Velvet By The Makeup Workshop Cosmetics

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There is something so symbolic to me about associating the colour red to Sweden. I have no explanation why but the rich velvet red reminds me of Sweden winters and it's capital, Stockholm. One of the most common colours to see in Sweden on both their architecture and flora is red. In fact more specifically Falu Red, The colour in which is repeated across many of Swedan's buildings has inspired this rich red eye velvet by The Makeup Workshop. NCS S5040-Y80R if your being specific is a beautiful example of Sweden sustainably using materials that were sourced during the heavy mining era that is now the history behind the countries rich use of the romantic shade of red. 

Carefully designed and manufactured in a soft pigment finish "Stockholm" is a great addition to your pigment collection.



Designed, Packaged & Distributed by The Makeup Workshop Pty Ltd 

Made in the USA