The adhesive that is taking the internet by storm - THE FOIL FIX 

Foil Fix isn't for one particular product, it is a multi use incredible wet based formula that not only foils loose or pressed product but applies Loose Glitter to the lid with maximum wear time. Loved by MUA's The FOIL FIX is a sellout product that people travel far and wide to purchase. 

THE FOIL FIX is aloe based as we wanted to include an enriching adhesive that didn't leave the lids feeling dry and flakey. FOIL FIX can fix any of your troubles. 

It includes A LIGHT! in the lid for application any time or anywhere! and is a crowd favourite. The FOIL FIX ALSO INCLUDES A MIRROR - SNAP A SELFY and #FOILFIX on INSTA for your chance to win a pack valued at $190+ one winner picked monthly.